News from Kennedy

2021 COVID-19 Latest update from the College

Dear Parents/Guardians and students

I would like to commend members of our community for their attitude toward the wearing of masks this past fortnight. Next week when we return to classes, students will not need to wear their mask whilst on campus but will need to continue to wear their mask if they use public transport to and from the College.

Interhouse Cross Country Fun 

Yesterday we had excitement around the oval as students participated in our annual Interhouse Cross Country Carnival.

Although it looked like it was going to be wet, the sun graced us with its presence and students showed enthusiasm and commitment, some wearing some fun accessories that represent their house colours.

Kennedy Arts Cup 2021

On Wednesday 5 May, we held the annual Kennedy Arts Cup. After auditioning over 40 students, our finalists performed their pieces to an enthralled college audience. This event is a fantastic opportunity for our students who excel on the stage to showcase their talents for their peers and they certainly didn’t disappoint! All performances were outstanding in their own right, but we would like to acknowledge the place winners:

1st Place: Stephane Migui (Forrest, year 12) who impressed the audience as he  performed an original piece entitled “Love and Hate”.

2nd Place: Rachael Sanju, Nami Dickson & Arpitha Roy (King, year 11) who performed a beautiful rendition of “Creep” by Radiohead.

Spark a Change – let’s stop disrespect

We can all spark a powerful change – let’s stop disrespect at the start.

We know that violence against women is a serious issue, but what we often don’t realise is where the cycle can start – in childhood, with the acceptance of seemingly harmless words and actions that are founded in disrespect.

Winging it? Study planning starts now!

Winging it – “done without preparation, unplanned, thrown together, unstudied”.  These are just some of the definitions that come up on

Here we are in Week 3 already and exams are four weeks away – “plenty of time” I can hear our students say! But we don’t want them to “wing-it” We really want to encourage them to be prepared and to have balance – this is easy if they have a study plan which starts now!

So here are my five top-tips to success in exams/study:

Plan – use the planner Direqt messaged to you if you are in Year 11 or 12, or in the Kennedy Diary if you are in Years 7-10. Write down when your tests and exams are, when you are going to study, including breaks, and put it somewhere the whole family can see.

Kennedy Student Art Displayed at Goolugatup Heathcote

Two of our former 2020 Year 12 students, Zevanya Sumodisatro and Lynn Lim, had the opportunity to display their artwork at the recent Southern Perspectives 2021 Exhibition at Goolugatup Heathcote. ​The Exhibition was to celebrate the talent and ideas of some of the State’s most promising young artists! The Exhibition is a thought-provoking artwork from Year 12 Visual Arts students.

Sausage Sizzle to Raise Funds

On Friday 5 March we enjoyed a sausage sizzle lunch to raise funds for the James Crofts Hope Foundation. As there are several families in our College who have had to face the challenge of coping with the diagnosis of a brain tumor, we decided to help the James Crofts Hope Foundation raise funds for their support work.

From the Research and Study Centre

Maker Space is the area put aside in the Research and Study Centre where students and teachers can explore new skills and ideas together – Explore, Inspire, Collaborate

Last year the Maker Space area was expanded with additional storage, table and chairs which have been so beneficial as there is plenty going on.

High School Musical Production

We did it! After two years of planning, auditioning, rehearsing, social distancing and then, more rehearsing! Last week, Kennedy (finally) presented its production of High School Musical on Stage!

The audiences were very supportive: laughing at every joke, cheering for every backflip and definitely shedding a tear or two.