News from Kennedy

Student Spotlight: Jordan

Student: Jordan Pescud
Year: Year 10
Graduation Year: 2023 

Jordan is a Year 10 student who loves art fashion and being creative. She is quiet, diligent and really enjoys roller skating and crochet.  

Jordan currently studies Visual Art, Fine Art, Graphic Art and French and she really enjoys her History studies.

Kennedy’s Annual Gratitude Week

The student council thought that participating in Kennedy's annual Gratitude Week would be a great way for staff and students to stay energised during the last week of Term 2.

Gratitude can be summarised as the quality of being thankful, recognising the value of the good things in our lives and showing appreciation for them through our actions.

2021 COVID-19 Latest update from the College

Dear Parents/Guardians and students

Following the announcement from the Premier last night (28June), Kennedy will be open for the remainder of this week and the timetable will run as normal with face-to-face delivery of the curriculum. Restrictions are in place to ensure a safe environment for all members of our community.

Thriving Chinese Classes

The Year 7s are learning functional literacy in exchanging greetings and sharing personal information such as name, age, and number of family members. The majority are first-time Chinese learners but a handful are continuing their learning journey in the language.

Australian Education Awards 2021 Excellence Awardees

We are honoured to announce that  Kennedy has been selected as an Excellence Awardee for Secondary School of the Year - Non-Government in the Australian Education Awards 2021.

The selection is based on the following achievements in 2020:

Consistently high standards of teaching and learning
Academic and other achievements during the 2020 school year
Rigorous professional learning to improve teaching and curriculum delivery
Strong communication links with students, parents, teachers and the wider community
Effective management of facilities, finances and human resources
Demonstrated commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

Interhouse Cross Country Fun 

Yesterday we had excitement around the oval as students participated in our annual Interhouse Cross Country Carnival.

Although it looked like it was going to be wet, the sun graced us with its presence and students showed enthusiasm and commitment, some wearing some fun accessories that represent their house colours.

Kennedy Arts Cup 2021

On Wednesday 5 May, we held the annual Kennedy Arts Cup. After auditioning over 40 students, our finalists performed their pieces to an enthralled college audience. This event is a fantastic opportunity for our students who excel on the stage to showcase their talents for their peers and they certainly didn’t disappoint! All performances were outstanding in their own right, but we would like to acknowledge the place winners:

1st Place: Stephane Migui (Forrest, year 12) who impressed the audience as he  performed an original piece entitled “Love and Hate”.

2nd Place: Rachael Sanju, Nami Dickson & Arpitha Roy (King, year 11) who performed a beautiful rendition of “Creep” by Radiohead.