Kennedy Baptist College House Cross Country Carnival 2017

The House Cross Country Carnival will be held on Wednesday 3 May, commencing at 12:30pm on the Kennedy Baptist College oval.  This year students will be wearing bibs with microchips to assist with quick processing of results. In an exciting advancement results can be viewed live on the day via this link

It will be a great event and we welcome parents and grandparents to join us for the afternoon to support your family and friends.


Kennedy Baptist College Cross Country Carnival Schedule of events - 2017

Year Group Marshall Time Race Time
7/8/9 FEMALE 12:45pm 1:00pm
7/8/9 MALE 1:10pm 1:25pm
10/11/12 FEMALE 1:35pm 1:50pm
10/11/12 MALE 2:00pm 2:15pm