Specialist Basketball Terms and Conditions

Program Cost for 2022

The annual fee of $475 is required prior to the commencement of Term 1, Week 1. This will be invoiced in mid-January separately from your tuition fees. It is payable via the College Parent Lounge. Enrolment will automatically continue each year with the payment of the annual fee prior to the commencement of Term 1.

Probation Period
The probation period for the Specialist Basketball Program is the first two weeks of Term 1. This is an opportunity for students and families to see if the program is suitable for them. If your child chooses not to continue after the probation trial period, a Withdrawal Form must be completed online. This form must be received within 7 days of completion of the probation trial period. A refund of fees minus a $50 administration fee will be available.

If a student withdraws more than 7 days after the probation period for a non-medical reason they will not be entitled to a refund.

Students wishing to withdraw for major medical reasons must provide supporting documentation (including a medical certificate), refunds will be assessed on a case by case basis. If a student wishes to withdraw at the end of the year, a Withdrawal Form must be completed online on the College website.

The Specialist Basketball Coordinator reserves the right to remove a student from the program on the grounds of poor behaviour during the program and timetabled classes. Students required to be withdrawn on the grounds of poor behaviour will not be eligible for a refund.

Interschool College Representation and Commitment 

  • Year 7-10 students are strongly encouraged to take all opportunities to represent the College when available. These include SAS Junior Competitions, SSWA and other tournaments held throughout the year.
  • Year 10-12 students enrolled in the program are required to represent the College for SAS competitions and SSWA afterschool competitions.

Program Uniforms

Program participants are required to purchase a Kennedy reversible singlet from the College Uniform Shop and wear it with their College sport shorts and College House shirts to all training sessions. The College will provide all interschool playing tops, singlets and shorts (where applicable) for competitions.