WACE Exam Results 2016

School Curriculum and Standards Authority Award Winners 2016

Kennedy Baptist College is pleased to share with you the results of our 2016 Year 12 students.

We are delighted that each year our academic success continues to improve and we celebrate the results attained by our 2016 Year 12 cohort, especially taken in context with the broad range of co-curricular, community service and leadership activities that these students involved themselves in. As a year group, they represented Kennedy Baptist College with virtue, embracing the College values of Faith, Integrity, Boldness, Growth and Service and upholding our College motto, “Strive today, conquer tomorrow”.

Each year, we aim to achieve consistency in our WACE results and 2016 was no exception.

We would like to provide you with a snapshot of the accomplishments of our 2016 Year 12 cohort:

  • Of the 203 Year 12 students eligible, 94.6% achieved the West Australian Certificate of Education (Graduation).
  • Kennedy Baptist College ranked 41st in the League Tables with a median ATAR of 82.25 (Top 50 Median ATAR Schools).
  • The College was ranked among the top schools in the state in the three following courses, based on the percentage of students whose marks were in the top 15% of all students state-wide taking that course:
    Business Management & Enterprise, Chemistry and Literature.
  • Congratulations to the following three students who were awarded a Certificate of Excellence putting them in the top 0.5 for their subject:

    Abbey Scanlon – Business Management and Enterprise
    Pirmin Cowell – Engineering Studies (achieved an ATAR of 99.6)
    Brooke Moro – Mathematics Applications

  • 11 students received a Certificate of Distinction (awarded to students who achieve 190-200 points accrued over the courses studied in Years 11 and 12).

    Congratulations to:
    Grace Abbott, Michael Domfeh, Isabella Dowling, Lauren Dowling, Sean Gray, Alana Guarino, Zoe Healey, Joshua Lowes, Alicia Ong, Oliver Parry, Jordan Waters.

  • 23 students received a Certificate of Merit

    Congratulations to:
    Dylan Donjerkovich, Alec Dorrington, Daniel Elhaj Abdalla, Jocelyn Fischer, Alan Fernandez-Travis, Jasmine Hanham, Amelia Hargreaves, Adam Foster, Timothy Lawler, Jacob Liebeck, Madison Lun, Maddison Miller, Brooke Moro, Asha Morrow, Mariah Rasmussen, Joshua Reid, Abbey Scanlon, Daniel Sebalja, Amritpal Singh, Samuel Skepper, Dylan Williams, Margaret Clarke, Jazmin Jones.

ATAR – every student sitting the WACE Examinations is awarded a ranking; the students achieving the highest score being awarded a ranking of 99.95. Below is a table comparing Percentages of students who achieved a score of 95 and above from years 2013 – 2016.

2016 2015 2014 2013
15% 11% 6% 7%

Top Performing subjects over the past three years.

2016 2015 2014
Business Management
Physics Health
Health Studies

As we commence the fifth year of operation at Kennedy Baptist College we continue to develop a powerful culture, placing a strong emphasis on the quality of teaching, together with the assessment and moderation of our teaching and learning programs, particularly in Year 12. Our goal is always to improve the performance of all of our Year 12 students, whatever the ATAR or Alternative Pathway they may be striving for. In 2017, we will continue to review the delivery of our teaching, learning, assessment and reporting procedures to ensure the best possible outcome for our students across all year groups.