Student Trips and Tours

Kennedy Baptist College recognises the educational value of overseas tour that are integrally linked to curricular and co-curricular programs offered to students. The College runs over eight overseas tours, as part of our educational program. The tours are classified as either: mission, recreation, linguistic or study tours across learning areas. These tours have clear demonstrable educational values and aim to broaden the life experience for each student.
Type of Tour Offered to Timing of Tour
Annual Mission tour:
Cambodia Mission Tour Year 11 Students Term 2 Break
Newman Indigenous Tour Year 11 Students Term 3 Break
Philippines Basketball Mission Touring Team Year 11 and 12 Students Term 4 Break
Annual Linguistic tour:
French Linguistic and Cultural Immersion Tour Year 10 Students/varies Term 3 Break
Annual Recreational Tour:
New Zealand Ski Tour (2020) Year 10 Term 2 Break
Annual Interstate Study Tour
Canberra – Sydney Study Tour Year 8 and 9 Students Term 3 Break
Triennial Study Tour - across learning areas:
International Study Tour: Europe (2023) Year 10 and 11 Students Term 1 Break
Asian Study Tour to Japan (2025) Year 10 and 11 Students Term 1 Break
United States of America International Study Tour (2021) Year 10 and 11 Students Term 1 Break
Information on the offered trips and tours will be presented to students at least one year prior to the planned departure. Further information is available detailing an outline of tours, approximate cost and contact person of all Trips and Tours listed above. Please contact the College for more information.