Terms and Conditions

Participation in a Kennedy Baptist College trip or tour is subject to the following:

  • The student continuing to demonstrate excellent behaviour and academic standards at the College.
  • All tuition fees and charges being up to date and remaining so.
  • Timely completion of all documentation relating to the tour.
  • Timely payment of the tour deposit & instalments as detailed on the Offer of Place letter

Cancellation and Refunds

Generally, tour payments are non-refundable as such payments are used to conduct the program and secure resources (including non-refundable air tickets). Costs are incurred progressively throughout the lead-up to and running of the program. Therefore the closer the participant’s withdrawal is to the departure date, the more unrecoverable incurred costs will be. There is also less likelihood of finding a suitable person to replace the participant on the program.

In unusual situations, and at its discretion, the College may offer a refund based on any monies not already committed less a $250 administration fee to cover the administrative costs incurred in managing the participant’s involvement in the program. In the case of a medical event forcing a participant to withdraw from the program, provided the participant is up to date with due payments and provides a clear and satisfactory written evidence of the event, the College will provide a refund based on any monies not already committed less a $250 administration fee. Travel insurance (arranged by the College) may cover some or all of the non-refunded costs, but this will depend on the insurance company’s assessment of each situation.


Your trip is covered by the College’s trips and tours insurance policy. A full Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording is available on request from the College.