Educational research shows that parental involvement and encouragement plays a significant role in a student's success in school.

For parents to be actively involved they need up to date information on their child's schooling. SEQTA Engage provides this information with one click of a mouse! SEQTA Engage is a web portal, allowing parents and students to log on to the College's Learning Management System (SEQTA), at any time and on any device.

Simply click on one of the icons below to log-in.

For Parents

  • View children's timetables
  • Pastoral care overview
  • children's attendance history
  • Homework
  • Details of upcoming assessments
  • children's assessment submissions
  • Assessment results and comments
  • School notices
  • View school documents
  • View children's lessons including web links, documents, videos, images, and other resources

For Students

  • View timetables
  • View homework
  • View dynamic online lessons including web-links, documents, videos, images and other resources
  • School notices
  • Complete assessments online
  • Submit documents for assessment
  • View assessment results and comments
  • Participate in forum conversations
  • interact with teachers in 'Live class'
  • View online messages from teachers
  • View submitted work (portfolio)