Bring Your Own Device Program



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List of Recommended Devices:

Whilst the College does not endorse any particular device, we regularly get asked for suggestions on devices that are suitable for use at the College. Based on the BYO program from 2016, and our experience with student support, we have seen the following devices used successfully at the College:

It is imperative that you check before purchasing any device that it meets the College's minimum requirements. The above devices are provided as guidelines, however there are a range of devices at a variety of prices that are suitable. Remember, the ICT team are here to help, so feel free to contact us if you have any queries on your son/daughter's device.

Please note: Licensed copies of all required software applications will be provided for students to install as necessary - this includes Microsoft Office.

Device Induction Sessions

In order to ensure that students and their computers are ready for commencement at the College, the Kennedy ICT Department run Device Induction Sessions in January before the start of each school year.

These sessions are designed to address the following:

  • walk each student through the basics of our BYOD program;
  • confirm that their computer meets the minimum requirements;
  • offer training on how to access required programs;
  • provide information about the network resources available Kennedy.

View Information Regarding the Device Induction Sessions for 2017 Here

For further queries please contact the College, or email the IT Team.