Kennedy Scholarships

Since 2017, Kennedy Baptist College will offer a limited number of Scholarships, which cover tuition fees, created to assist new students who aspire to a high quality education in a caring high performing Christian environment for their child but are unable to provide this due to financial hardship. Financial hardship is defined as a difficulty in coping with financial commitments due to unforeseen circumstances such as family tragedy, financial misfortune, serious illness, impacts of natural disaster and other serious or difficult circumstances.

In line with our College mission and Christian ethos, we are offering the opportunity for talented, dedicated students who would otherwise be unable access such an educational experience, to thrive in a highly supported, well-resourced environment.

Scholarships are awarded through an application and selection process primarily based on financial needs of the family but the College will also consider such matters as student performance and community involvement. The number of scholarships available is limited in line with the College’s capacity to reasonably provide such assistance. The decision to offer a scholarship is at the sole discretion of the College

Applications are called for by the College and must be submitted to the Principal.

Applications must include

  • A cover letter outlining the applicant’s reasons for applying for the scholarship
  • Independent support/evidence validating your communicated financial position. e.g. bank statements, tax statements, payroll summary
  • A curriculum vitae that includes, as appropriate, details of the student’s Academic achievement; Sporting activities and achievements; Community service; Participation in community, voluntary or paid work; Leadership positions held at school, in the workplace, or in the community
  • Completion of the College Scholarship application form.

We encourage all new families who feel a scholarship to Kennedy Baptist College would positively contribute to their child’s educational journey, to contact the College by completing and submitting an application to the College Principal for consideration.

Please apply either online, or by printing and completing an application form, and submitting it to the Principal along with copies of the relevant documentation.