Fees and Charges

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Kennedy Baptist College student fees cover tuition associated with the College's Academic, Cocurricular and Pastoral Care Programs. Textbooks and other course materials are purchased separately.

Fees and Charges 2019

First child: Full Tuition fee $8,825 per annum

Family Concessions

The following discounts apply to Tuition Fees for siblings attending Kennedy concurrently

Second child: 10% discount off total Tuition Fees
Third child: 20% discount off total Tuition Fees
Fourth and subsequent children: 30% discount off total Tuition Fees

Resource Fee

Year Annual Fee
 7 $ 180
 8 $ 155
 9 $ 106
10 $  75
11 $  42
12 $  75

The resource fee covers additional resources associated with each year group including (but not limited to) licensing and online subscriptions.

Download the fees and charges brochure below:

Domestic Students

In 2019, one annual account will be issued with the following payment options available:

  • Option 1: Annual payment
    Single payment. Fees due by 8 February.
  • Option 2: Payment by Semester
    Two instalments. Fees due by 8 February and 8 August.
    For Options 1 & 2 payment can be made by BPay, or by credit card or cash directly at the College.
  • Option 3: Payment by Term
    Four instalments per year.  Fees due on 8 February, 8 May, 8 August and 8 November.
  • Option 4: Monthly periodical payment via your bank account
    Ten instalments. Fees due on 15th of each month commencing in February. If using Direct Debit facility.
    Options 3 and 4 will ONLY be accepted with a completed Direct Debit Authorisation form that will be issued with your first invoice in January.

View Direct Debit request service agreement

Annual Invoice

Your Annual invoice & Fee Payment Option Form will be posted to you at the beginning of each academic year. If you have not received your Annual Invoice by the last week in January, please contact us immediately.

Fees For Next Year

Fees for subsequent years are confirmed by the College Board, around November each year. All families will be advised of the new rates via the College newsletter and website.

Finance Department:

Available hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am - 4:00pm