Enrolment Process

  • The five (5) stages for enrolment and entry to the College are:
    1. Registration
      Your family is placed on the waitlist for the requested year/s of entry.
      You will be invited to a Parent Information Evening in February when your eldest child is in Year 5.
    2. Submit Documents For Interview
      Parents/Guardians will be notified of the available interview times and provided an "Information Required for Interview" form. The completed form and all requested paperwork must be submitted prior to booking the interview with the Principal or Principal's delegate.
    3. Enrolment Interview
      The student being enrolled into the College is to attend the interview with their parent. If a student applying to be enrolled has a specific need, disabling condition or significant health care needs, the Principal or Principal's delegate will assess and consult with relevant parties in order to adequately discuss how the College can cater for the student’s specific educational and care needs.
      We invite younger registered siblings who are in Year 2 and above to the interview with the advantage of pre-enrolment to secure their place on their respective waiting list. Children in Year 1 or younger will be interviewed at a later date.
    4. Offer of Enrolment Place
      When you are offered the Enrolment Contract during the interview, you know you have been offered a placement.
    5. Payment of Enrolment Deposit
      Following the interview, you have two weeks to complete and return the Enrolment Contract issued at interview, submitting with a non-refundable Enrolment Deposit of $950. Upon receipt of the Contract and payment, your child’s place at the College will be confirmed. Please note: The Enrolment Deposit of $950 is fully deducted from the Annual Tuition fee during their first semester at Kennedy. The final decision for any enrolment is at the discretion of the Principal.Sibling Pre-enrolment Deposit:
      If you are also pre-enrolling younger siblings, please refer to the Pre-enrolment Contract issued at interview, noting an additional $200 Pre-enrolment Deposit per sibling is required to secure their respective placement/s on the waitlist. The Pre-enrolment Deposit is also non-refundable and will be credited to the Enrolment Deposit payable on full enrolment two years prior to Year 7 entry. If younger siblings are not pre-enrolled, we will mark their registration as dormant on our waitlists, understanding that you do not wish to enrol them in future.

Siblings of enrolled students are given priority status in our enrolment process. The College offers Pre-Enrolment Contracts to siblings at the point of enrolling your older child.

This requires a $200 non-refundable Pre-Enrolment deposit per sibling in addition to the Enrolment Contract and $950 non-refundable Enrolment Deposit for your older child.

Once we receive the above, your eldest child will be fully enrolled, and the younger sibling will be pre-enrolled and guaranteed a placement in his/her high school entry year.

Read more about it on our International Students page.

For more information on specific vacancies or the enrolment process, please contact the Kennedy Registrar via email or phone (08) 9314 7722.

What happens after I register my child?

Once you have registered your child/children, you and your family are encouraged to attend one of the annual Kennedy Open Days.

A summary of the post-registration process is as follows

Frequently Asked Questions:

Each child's name will be listed on their respective wait list in chronological order by registration date. For this reason, the earlier you register your child/children, the better your chances of being offered an invitation to an entry interview.
No, at this stage we only require the completed form and the $50 fee. Specific documentation is not required until the entry interview.
To avoid disappointment, it is imperative that you notify us should you change your address details after registering. Undelivered mail is rarely returned to the College for redirection, so it may mean loss of an invitation to your child's entry interview.
If you do not pre-enrol your school-age younger child, this child’s name will automatically remain at the end of his/her respective waitlist, thus forfeiting sibling priority and will not be guaranteed a placement.
If your child is currently in Year 6 or older, registration is as above; however, we advise you to contact the Registrar prior to starting the registration process to discuss the availability of a suitable placement for your child.

If you have any enrolment queries, please contact the Kennedy Registrar:

Vikki Utting
P: (08) 9314 7722
E: registrar@kennedy.wa.edu.au