2020 College Photo Day Information

Fotomakers WA will be visiting Kennedy Baptist College on Tuesday 16 June (Year 7 - 10) and Monday 22 June (Year 11 & 12). Every student has received an envelope with their name and other individual information (eg. Unique shoot key for online ordering) is printed on each personalised envelope.

State-wide SUB’s in Schools Competition – Update 01

Last week our SUB’s in Schools team had a visit from one of our industry partners. Mr Wesley Van Barneveld, an ROV Engineer from Intervention Engineering came and gave the students advice on the construction of our ROV. Mr Van Barneveld helped the students improve their design of the ROV and the design of the propeller guards, focusing on reducing the amount of turbulence due to the presence of the propeller guard.

Easter Message – Hope Is Alive


We have arrived at Easter… and we celebrate this time as we do every year, as a global human community. I have been pondering what Easter over the centuries has looked like. Easter has happened during times of war, in times of famine, when the world has been less advanced as it is now, less global.

On Stress and Coping from the College Chaplain

World news is leaving us feeling more stressful at the moment, its predominately filled with virus stories but at this time it is leaving everybody feeling concerned. We feel it would be good to help everyone understand some of the dynamics that are at play within our children, and as you will see, within every adult as well.

March Memory Madness

Week 6 saw the return of the annual March Memory Madness, where students are encouraged to stretch themselves in a series of diverse, fun memory challenges.

From Monday to Thursday, students came into the Research and Study Centre before school to see if they could memorise ten items on the “Tray of the Day” – they then returned at Recess to list them accurately for a tasty reward and House Point.

Highschool Musical Highlights with Eloise Kurelic

High School Musical is an absolute blast. It is full of fun, nerves and excitement. We were well on the way to putting on a great show in Term 2 but unfortunately, it had to be postponed until next year. There was much disappointment amongst all the cast members but we all chose to stay positive.

Study and Organisation Tips for Parents

Recently, the Research and Study Centre and the school psychologist did a presentation to parents of Year 11 students giving some practical tips for supporting their child in Senior School. The aim was to inform, empower, encourage and support parents in this journey utilizing well researched and current information.

Problematic Video Gaming and Addiction

90% of children play computer games. 10% of them are addicted.
Generation Next  wrote a powerful article in regard to gaming and addiction. This video can also help parents and educators identify some of the signs and symptoms of gaming addiction. There are some key risk factors and this will help you learn ways to better prevent and manage problematic gaming.