Fathering Project Launch

The Fathering Project Launch was a great success. The night included an introduction from our Principal on the crucial role that fathers and father figures have in the lives of our students. We also heard an encouraging message from our College Chaplain and the aim, mission and reason for this group were discussed.

Kennedy Transform Centre Update

2020 has so far been a little different than any of us imagined, but we are so grateful that we get this time to reaffirm our purpose and to look at all we do with fresh eyes. We are limited to 10 people gathering at once, and we don’t expect to be able to welcome our kids back until late this year.

Achieving goals through our four pillars

Our Pastoral Care goal at Kennedy is “The creation and maintenance of a safe, nurturing and engaging educational community where students can thrive academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually”. To achieve this, our system is based on the four pillars of - Wellness, Outreach, Leadership, Discipline.

Tips for Studying – From the Research and Study Centre

In the RASC we are very aware of the way that the uncertainty of the COVD-19 virus has affected all of us in different ways, including the way we get tasks done or study.

Here are three tips for study (whether for exams, assignments or tests) if you or your children are feeling uncertain:

Have a planner – clearly mark out the times you are intending to study and include breaks.

Ways to help deal with anxiety

Anxiety centres around a part of the brain called the amygdala and reflects a fight or flight response to a threat. Often though, anxiety can show up, not in response to danger, but to something meaningful or important. Examples may include an exam, a performance, trying something new, meeting new people, doing something brave.

Easter Message – Hope Is Alive


We have arrived at Easter… and we celebrate this time as we do every year, as a global human community. I have been pondering what Easter over the centuries has looked like. Easter has happened during times of war, in times of famine, when the world has been less advanced as it is now, less global.

On Stress and Coping from the College Chaplain

World news is leaving us feeling more stressful at the moment, its predominately filled with virus stories but at this time it is leaving everybody feeling concerned. We feel it would be good to help everyone understand some of the dynamics that are at play within our children, and as you will see, within every adult as well.