Kennedy Transform Centre Update

Centre 32 is open for business. Even though our kids can’t attend in person we continue to deliver our objectives of Education for our Kids, and Pastoral Care for them and their families. How we do this is continually evolving due to COVID19 constraints.

2021 NAPLAN Results

In the past week, general whole school NAPLAN data has been released to schools and it is incredibly pleasing to see how our students performed in their cohorts in comparison to the state and national data. Once again, our students have produced year group results way above the state and national means.

Kennedy’s Annual Gratitude Week

The student council thought that participating in Kennedy's annual Gratitude Week would be a great way for staff and students to stay energised during the last week of Term 2.

Gratitude can be summarised as the quality of being thankful, recognising the value of the good things in our lives and showing appreciation for them through our actions.

Australian Education Awards 2021 Excellence Awardees

We are honoured to announce that  Kennedy has been selected as an Excellence Awardee for Secondary School of the Year - Non-Government in the Australian Education Awards 2021.

The selection is based on the following achievements in 2020:

Consistently high standards of teaching and learning
Academic and other achievements during the 2020 school year
Rigorous professional learning to improve teaching and curriculum delivery
Strong communication links with students, parents, teachers and the wider community
Effective management of facilities, finances and human resources
Demonstrated commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

Sausage Sizzle to Raise Funds

On Friday 5 March we enjoyed a sausage sizzle lunch to raise funds for the James Crofts Hope Foundation. As there are several families in our College who have had to face the challenge of coping with the diagnosis of a brain tumor, we decided to help the James Crofts Hope Foundation raise funds for their support work.

Kennedy Transform Centre Update

It has been a busy few weeks for the staff at the Kennedy Centre preparing for the return of the kids after 7 months. We have had to make lots of changes to our centres, purchasing new equipment to ensure our kids are safe and we meet government guidelines.

New Cutting-edge Facility

The new Kennedy Technologies Centre is a dedicated STEM facility that provides an excellent space for woodwork, metalwork, engineering and CAD studies. The new classrooms and workrooms are complemented by a breakout space on the 1stfloor. The TechnologiesCentre is a wonderful new facility for our students to engage in cutting edge technologies and explore creative and innovative solutions for their STEM studies.

Kennedy Baptist College’s partnership with Transform Cambodia

Kennedy Baptist College is pleased to announce our partnership with Transform Cambodia with the official launch being made at our recent Easter Services.

The Kennedy Baptist College Centre is Transform Cambodia’s 32nd Centre in its 12 years of operation and Kennedy’s first international mission commitment to help rescue children from poverty in the developing world.