Year 11 Outdoor Education Margaret River Expedition

In culmination of a somewhat chaotic year where students demonstrated resilience, adaptability and perseverance the Year 11 Outdoor Education classes set off on their final expedition of the year in the first week of Term 4.

Starting with an early morning departure from the College the two classes set off to two different starting locations down in the Margaret River Region.  Over the course of four days with a range of activities including Surfing, Mountain Biking and Hiking, students were able to develop stronger relationships with each other, and challenge themselves in new environments and activities.

It has been great to see so many come away from our expedition inspired by what they have seen and experienced, and ready to create their own adventures.

Some of the Student highlights were:

“Definitely surfing as it was my favourite activity and I was pretty good at it which made it more fun. Just being out on the waves with my friends was really fun.”

“When we went on actual mountain biking trails and the course there were really fun and it was cool flying through the air after a big jump!”

“The whale watching in the surfing and hike was amazing. I’ve never seen whales before in real life, so this was a humbling experience”

“One of the best highlights of the trip was forming and strengthening friendships with people in our class. I learnt so many new things about lots of people in our class and I saw us all develop and grow throughout the camp. I made lots of memories that I will keep for a long time. On this camp I was honestly laughing with everyone most of the time, and it made me realise that there is more to life than just homework and working. I really needed that eye opener”

Thank you to the Outdoor Education teachers, Mr Rory Najjar, and Miss Podmore, along with our Support Vehicle Driver Mr Richard Main and assistants, Miss Claudia Lock, Mr Jamie Passmore and Mr Brenton Williams for your help and support on this expedition.