Careers Hub at Kennedy Baptist College

Careers Hub at Kennedy Baptist College

The Careers Hub at Kennedy Baptist College is state of the art and modelled on Curtin University’s Careers and Employment Centre. The Hub provides information and resources for students thinking about entry requirements for tertiary studies, graduate opportunities, scholarships, apprenticeships, work placements, VET studies, alternate entry options for students not pursuing a university pathway, UCAT testing and TISC information.

The team consists of two staff members, Mary Minorgan – Career Development Coordinator and Ernesto Ramirez – VET and Workplace Learning Coordinator. They facilitate the information process with students and give them the skills to access this when they hit a crossroad. They aim to increase student awareness of their opportunities and options.

The Careers Hub offers a drop-in service or individualised 50 min consultations. Staff can answer questions, give résumé feedback, assist with university and TAFE applications and supply career-related resources. The Hub aims to help students with current career choices, foster learning for future career choices and assist in developing the decision-making process.

If you are wanting to find out more and gain a better understanding of what services are on offer, please visit the Careers Hub page, under the ICT portal available on SEQTA. Alternatively, please click on the links below. The Careers Hub is open for all students to drop in. If you would like to book an appointment, simply Direqt message or email Mrs Minorgan or Mr Ramirez.


Student Testimonies:

The Careers Hub has helped me in applying to university by breaking down all the things needed for possible careers options. This includes the courses and degrees I would take to reach my career goal. It has made the entire process easier and less overwhelming. All my questions were answered, and it helped me understand all the requirements for each course I was thinking of taking so that I could make final decisions on what to apply for. It is a very good resource for help on applying to university, or just general questions if you are confused with any of the university jargon and details.  - Zevanya Sumodisastro Year 12

I received lots of information on the process of applying to university as well as advice on what scholarships I am eligible for.  I was not sure about lots of things to do with university but was able to gain clarity and make an informed decision on what course to apply for. After visiting the Careers Hub, I had a much better idea on what direction to go in for preparing for next year. From other students I have talked to, it has really helped them in thinking about possible careers they would be interested in, which is also valuable. - Brandon Lawrence Year 12

It clarified a lot of questions I had and helped me to apply for universities. It helped me to decide what I was going to do as it cleared a lot of worries and questions that I had, questions that were keeping me from choosing. I would recommend using the services offered even if you have small questions because they are willing to help us no matter what. It clears up a lot of stress and worries as there is someone, we can rely on to help us through a new path that is forming and because all our questions can be answered. It is a very big help when you are experiencing graduation and the thoughts after graduation. - Anonymous Year 12 student