State-wide SUB’s in Schools Competition

Every few weeks, we are going to try and keep the Kennedy community updated with what is happening with the State-wide SUB’s Team, so that you can read about our progress, challenges and be part of this project!


Back: William Stead, Jack Harvey, Yaadwinder Singh. Front: Campbell Rich, JessePerera, Mr Gunter

The Year 10 Mechatronics class are competing in the state-wide SUB’s in Schools Competition, due to take place at the end of the year. My class has formed a team to build a fully functioning underwater ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle). The ROV that we take to the state finals will be made from PVC pipe, bilge pump type motors and a variety of electronics.

My team and I have been working very hard since the start of the year designing and building the ROV. We meet for two periods a week during class time and once a week after school. Not even COVID 19 stopped our progress! We aim to represent Kennedy at a national level - but we need the help of the College community! As part of the competition, we are required to make industry links and get sponsorships for the project.

We are now looking for support from industry organisations both financially as well as Engineering expertise. Some of the challenges we are trying to overcome include; designing and creating team uniforms, designing and creating a small underwater camera to go on the ROV, design and build covers to go over the propellers of the motors. We also hope to raise enough funds to attend the competition, both state and potentially nationally.

William Stead and Mr Gunter working on the project.

We are aspiring engineers! Jack Harvey is our Team Manager, Campbell Rich our Design Engineer, William Stead our Manufacturing Engineer, Yaadwinder Singh our Resources Manager and myself, Jesse Perera as the Graphic Designer. This team is hoping to put on a couple of sausage sizzles at the College, to help raise funds to finance the cost of the project.

Mr Gunter said, "The team members have shown outstanding enthusiasm towards this project and I hope you give your support to these young minds as they compete and represent Kennedy."

So, if you are willing to help us in any way, please contact our co-ordinating teacher, Mr Gunter, via email here or by contacting the College.

Jesse Perera
Year 10 Student


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