Easter Message – Hope Is Alive


We have arrived at Easter… and we celebrate this time as we do every year, as a global human community. I have been pondering what Easter over the centuries has looked like. Easter has happened during times of war, in times of famine, when the world has been less advanced as it is now, less global. For 2000 years Easter has seen it all.

Celebrating Easter can be a moment of perspective. A time to see that the flow of humanity has, so far, moved through so many challenges. Seasons keep moving, things come and go and somewhere, in every circumstance in history there has been a way through. I have a confidence that there is a way through the current global challenge as we head into this Easter of 2020. Easter has provided that strong confidence for a very long time.

I have been looking for landmarks of hope at this time to help our school community navigate through our personal and college challenges. The greatest anchor that has ever been in the history of humanity has been Faith in Jesus Christ. Its important to note that its not the level of our faith that makes us able to find ways through great trials, or to weather great storms, It’s the ONE who we have faith IN, that gives us great hope!

During a weekend 2000 years ago, there was remedy being put in place for the greatest pandemic to ever inflict the health of humanity. Humanity was made to be a dynamic and powerful force of blessing in this world, but instead our ability to function in this healthy state was lost. Sin had left the whole of humanity sick and dying. We needed a cure that would be able to restore health once the treatment was received.

It has been the story of many people, throughout the history of the world, that they have received a treatment for their unhealthy hearts, a cure for their selfish and stingy characters, a remedy for hatred and hurt. Jesus said on the Thursday night, before the start of this amazing weekend 2000 years ago. That he was going to leave a cure and take a permanent seat, for the rest of time, next to the God of all the earth. Jesus said this in Luke 22:69 But from now on the Son of God will be seated at the right hand of the almighty God.

Why is this so important? Why has this story given such hope to millions from all cultures, races and peoples throughout history? Why is it important to know that Jesus is seated with the Almighty God. It has meant for me personally, that when I am faced with deep challenges, when my personal plans and dreams are ruined, when my life and my loved ones are in danger, I still have a anchor that will never move in any storm. I am fixed firmly to the Almighty God through Jesus. I can say with unwavering confidence that I am safe with Jesus.

It has been said that If you don’t believe God is Sovereign over all things then it would be wise to worry about today. But Jesus is the God of hope who gives us great Joy and Peace as we trust in him

We at Kennedy hope and pray that you find your hope. And that your hope is the most sure and secure hope that has ever been.

Please trust Jesus and have a hope filled Easter
I’m Peter Chase