Highlights of being in the Highschool Musical Production

The College production of High School Musical is coming along really well and it is so exciting to see choreography progressing well and scenes piecing the show together bit by bit.

Over the past few weeks, we have been splitting up and focusing on specific scenes that are relevant to the cliques our characters belong to. I’m part of the ‘Brainiacs’ group, so it’s been really interesting navigating my character as I’m usually an extrovert, but the clique I’m in for the show is quite reserved and introverted. Each cast member has worked extremely hard to learn their lines and the dances as well as explore the different characters they get to play and everyone should be proud of themselves!

One of the highlights of being in the production is building relationships with students who I get to work with. Everyone has been so encouraging to each other and the positive atmosphere at each rehearsal has influenced each cast member to get out of their comfort zone a little and get their groove on! I remember when we first started rehearsals, people stuck with their friends and other people in their year group. But each week I’ve seen more and more spread of year groups hanging out and becoming good friends which has been great to see.

I hope you’re just as excited as we are to put on this fantastic show! It’s one you won’t want to miss so be sure to save the dates. It’s going to be a fantastic night out!

Emily Felstead-Welch
Year 12 Student, Chorus member


Every few weeks, we are going to try and keep the Kennedy community updated in the newsletter with what is happening with the school production of High School Musical, so that you can read about rehearsals and get excited about the upcoming production in Term 2!