Class of 2019 Graduation

An excellent year and formal schooling have come to an end for the outstanding group of young adults known as the Kennedy Baptist College graduating class of 2019.

Our final event was the Year 12 Graduation. It was an outstanding night of celebration for our students and their families. The central theme of being able to rely on God and community as the students’ progress into the next phase of their life was highlighted by all speakers and embodied by the talk and laughter before and after the event. We wish all the students the very best and look forward to hearing of their future exploits.

I am very proud of the excellent group of young adults you are all becoming and I pray that your life be full of happiness and that you continue to make the best of your opportunities as they present themselves. I would like to also thank the parents and guardians for allowing us to be part of your child's journey towards adulthood. Please click here for more photos.

Today is your day
You're off to great places
You're off and away
- Dr Suess

Mr Glenn Tyrie
Head of Year 12