“A Giant Leap for Mankind!”

In these first few weeks of Term 3, the Research and Study Centre is celebrating man landing on the moon 50 years ago with displays of memorabilia and books. Interactive augmented reality posters allow students to experience unique lunar and planetary perspectives through a freely downloadable app on their device or phone.

Last week students had the opportunity to participate in an array of space and moon-related activities and competitions in the Research and Study Centre including Stargazing – Moon & Beyond, Myth busters – NASA Moon Landing Hoax and watching astronauts giving story readings as they float around in the space station.

Students could rewrite history by finishing the famous moon landing quote, “That’s one small step for a man…” Some memorable contributions have been: “wait, it’s not made of cheese?” and “hey, why doesn’t my Wi-Fi work?”

They also tested their general knowledge about the moon landing via a Kahoot! quiz with Milky ways and Mars bars a

s suitably themed rewards.

A Cinderella competition with a difference had students vying to see “If the shoe fits” by measuring their shoe size against Neil Armstrong’s moon boot to win a prize!

In Maker Space, students created space-related badges to wear and constructed a 1969 piece Lego model of NASA Apollo Saturn V.

It has been fascinating learning about some of the 6,300 technologies we routinely use today that we

re pioneered by NASA scientists like the smoke detector, CAT scanner, satellite TV, computer microchip and insulation.