Kennedy Baptist College’s partnership with Transform Cambodia

April 12th, 2018

Our Transform Centre, staff and children.

Kennedy Baptist College is pleased to announce our partnership with Transform Cambodia with the official launch being made at our recent Easter Services.

The Kennedy Baptist College Centre is Transform Cambodia’s 32nd Centre in its 12 years of operation and Kennedy’s first international mission commitment to help rescue children from poverty in the developing world. The Centre opened in October 2017 with seven staff members and 103 children who attend the centre daily and receive intensive English tuition, healthcare and learn valuable leadership skills to help them become change makers for their nation in whatever capacity they choose. The Centre will be totally dependent on the ability of the Kennedy Community to sponsor the 103 children in the Centre. (No funding from College income acquired through tuition fees or government grants can be used for this project.)

Our Easter service theme ‘Giving New Life’ challenged our College community to consider our responsibility toward those who are in situations less fortunate than our own.

Young Molinda and Panha.

Molinda sharing her story.

Mark Patterson and Panha.

Centre 32 and the children .






One of Transform’s graduates and current staff member Molinda shared her story of transformation. Since completing her studies with Transform, Molinda has been studying for a Bachelor of  Architecture at a local university. Our Centre Manager, Panha, also provided some insights into our centre and the children who attend.

Molinda and Panha visited classes the next day and Kennedy students had the opportunity to ask questions about life in Cambodia and the Transform centres. A group of our students will be celebrating on our behalf at the official opening of the Kennedy Centre when they visit Phnom Penh at the end of next term as part of our annual Mission Tour to Cambodia.

Panha and Milonda sharing with Mr Burgess's class.

Students asking Panha and Molinda questions.






Our Transform Centre, staff and children. As a College, we are committed to this project where all staff, students and families can be involved. College Principal Mark Ashby commented that: “It takes BOLDNESS for our College to commit to such a venture, and boldness from our staff, students and families to make such commitment and use it for personal growth.”

We are also proud to announce that over 60 Kennedy families have committed to sponsor our five year old students in poverty since the launch at our Easter Services. We will continue to support and promote this project till all 103 impoverished students have found a sponsor.  Should you wish to sponsor a child or support our centre in Phnom Penh, please do not hesitate to contact our Administration.

Panha assisting people to sponsor a child.

Kennedy Student sponsoring a child.

Kennedy families sponsoring children.

Kennedy parent sponsoring one child.

For more information about Transform Cambodia click here.
For more information about how to be involved please contact our Administration.